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I help residential and small businesses by providing PC services to keep them running strong.

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Services I Offer

I also offer hands-on training services and in-home repair services. Find out more below!


Learn how to use your computer and applications to optimize your time and learn valuable skills such as shortcuts, Microsoft Office training, fundamentals, and even how to build a PC from scratch!


PC feeling under the weather lately? I offer FREE 30 minute diagnostic services that determine the root cause of low performance and memory hogging applications that could slow your PC down to a halt.


Did your old hard drive fail or need to have your data transferred to a new or existing computer such as a Apple Mac or Windows PC? I can help! I offer Data backup and retrieval services.


Purchase a new PC and need help getting your new or existing printer connected to it? Leave it up to me to install and configure your new PC and/or printer to connect to your network via USB or WiFI.


Find out how you can learn best security practices to prevent scams and protect yourself from malicious websites and applications that could put your personal and financial information at risk.


I offer Remote Desktop and In-Home services that allow me to safely log into your PC and help you to identify and resolve any software or Operating System issues such as PC Optimization, Data Backup/Restore, Virus/Malware protection and removal.

Pricing Guide

I would rather be up front with my clients and show them what to expect with no surprises or hidden fee's.

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Remote Support
  • I service the Southwest Virginia area up to 50 miles.
  • Please Note: Additional fee of $1.00 per mile for any distance over 50 miles.
  • Hourly Rate is $45/Hour + Service
  • I use Team Viewer and any other SSL Encrypted RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) connection or service to remote into your PC.
  • I offer FREE 30 minute PC diagnostics remotely for PC Optimization, Security, and Malware.
  • HARDWARE Price Guide
  • SOFTWARE Price Guide
HARDWARE Price Guide
Service Name
Service Cost
Additional Info
RAM (Memory) Upgrade


Hard Drive Replacement


*Additional fee of Data Services

Data Backup / Restore

$40 - $80

Depends on amount of data

Data over 250GB costs $80

Laptop Screen Replacement


*Client pays for screen hardware

*$100 is for install and labor

Laptop Battery Replacement


Laptop Screen Replacement

$100 and up*

Graphic Chip Re-Flow



Overheating Repair


Includes complete tear-down of Graphics card and cooling.

Wireless Card Upgrades / Repair


Disclaimer: All Services are combined with hourly rate of $25/Hour.

  • I offer a 30 Day warranty on all services listed.
  • For anything not listed above, please fill out the contact form below and I will get back with you soon.
SOFTWARE Price Guide
Service Name
Service Cost
Additional Info
Operating System Recovery / Reinstall


Virus/Malware Removal


Windows Password Removal/Retrieval


Operating System Install


Device Driver Install / Troubleshooting


  • Depends on amount of data
  • Data over 250GB costs $80
Performance Optimization


Clean up, organize, and remove unwanted programs

Improve response time and eliminate startup apps that steal memory and resources.

Disclaimer: All Services above are charged per service flat-fee, not per hour.

  • For anything not listed above, please fill out the contact form below and I will get back with you soon.

Anthony possesses rare qualities of a deep desire to be of service, superior, virtually innate, technological skills and an easy-going nature. Anthony quickly and seemingly effortlessly is able to resolve any tech problem, calmly advising and educating his client along the way. I went from total despair to awed relief after one wrong move wiped my entire data system. Anthony was swift and efficient. He not only fixed the data issue, he resolved other issues with tablet, pc and new smart phone I was having. I highly recommend Anthony to anyone having tech issues or anyone who needs instruction on using any type of technology, software or hardware. Whether you are tech savvy or, like me, technologically challenged, Anthony is the go-to consultant in this industry. We are lucky to have him.



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